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The X-Files first premiered when I was about 6. I remember my mother tuning in from time to time and I hauled ass to my room because it was no way in hell I was watching a scary show about aliens.

Fast forward 20 years later a bored me just finished binging Parks & Recreation (funny as hell) and I saw that Fox is bringing back the X-Files for a 6 episode special. But no way I could watch the special without seeing the entire series. So I started watching it like 2 weeks ago on Netflix and I’m only on season 6 of 9, plus there’s like 2-3 movies. THIS SHOW IS CONSUMING MY LIFE. I don’t even watch my regular shows anymore.

I was shocked at how well written and directed this show is. It’s amazing and it’s more of a dramady. I laugh every episode. If you don’t know, the show is about 2 FBI agents investigating paranormal activities called X-Files. Alien cockroaches, vampires, inbred baby killers, deadly pathogens, time travel, body swapping… there is an episode about everything! There is stand alone episodes and the main plot of uncovering government conspiracies. It’s actually not scary at all but I’m glad I waited to watch it as an adult.

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The Cast.
One believer and profiler Fox Mulder and one analytical, skeptic scientist named Dana Scully. Scully is pretty much an anchor to Foxs’ theories. She’s always there being the fun police providing scientific reasoning on why these crazy as hell things are happening. Fox is the trust no one, aliens are everywhere type of guy. An unnatural occurrence in his childhood is the basis for his entire personality and his survivor’s guilt drives him. I love the relationship between these two; they are ying/yang and they develop this brother and sister/ lovers but not really thing. It’s really complicated and funny to watch.

The supporting cast is a gumbo of whacky characters trying to help and government employees lurking in the shadows willing to do anything to block Fox from finding the truth. And they are just as complex as Fox and Mulder.

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You can check out the new and probably final mini season of The X-Files tonight (1/24) on Fox. I’m so excited.

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