I love holidays but Easter holds a very special place in my heart. I have so many fond memories in big poofy dresses with tulle and ribbon. The best part is my grandmother used to make me these amazing Easter Baskets to match my dress. So now that I’m older, it makes since I start making them.

diy easter basket

What You Need:

2 Crochet Thread
Aluminum pan
16″ Balloons

Depending on the balloon size this project takes 48-72 hours.

Your standard balloon size is 12″ but make sure you buy the 16″ balloons. I got mine from Big Lots, they were cheaper than Michael’s. Blow it up to the size you want your basket, I wanted this one big so I blew it up as wide as the pan. Note that the bigger the ballon the more yarn you’ll need.

diy easter basket-2

Tie the end of the yarn around the balloon knot.

diy easter basket-3

This is the most difficult part of the process. It can be hard to start spinning the yarn around the balloon because the yarn can slip off or be too loose. So as I go around the balloon I hold the yarn with my finger and once it’s seems stable I let go.

diy easter basket-4

Now unleash your inner kindergartener and go wild! Go around it horizontally and vertically. If you chose 2 different colors start off with your secondary color. You can alternate colors however you want but I did half of the cream and then the entire mint.

diy easter basket-6

Now dip baby dip! I used about 2 pounds of sugar throughout the entire process. Your sugar-water mixture should be 2.5:1. If it’s not enough of sugar the whole basket could collapse, so use plenty of sugar. As you dip the balloon stir it in the pan to mix the sugar and water and turn the balloon to coat the entire thing at the same time. Stir and turn, stir and turn. Do this about 3-4 times and then pour whatever is left in the pan on top of the balloon and smooth the sugar all around. Then for good measure I take a handful of sugar and shake it all over the balloon.

diy easter basket-5

Since the balloon is big, it was too heavy to hang so I set it in a dry pan for 24 hours and rotated it every 8 hours to make sure all sides were drying. After that I got creative and hung it from my tripod for another 24 hours.

diy easter basket-7

I used a kitchen twist to tie it up.

diy easter basket-8

Now the fun part! Pop that cherry! Cut the balloon knot off then pull it out.

diy easter basket-9

Cut an egg-shaped hole in it and start decorating it!

diy sugar spun easter basket

diy sugar spun easter basket-2

diy sugar spun easter basket-4

I bought the ribbon from Michael’s. They make them on site, just ask. It was $7.99, the most expensive part of the entire basket.

diy sugar spun easter basket-3

Potential Problems:

The basket has weak spots.

The basket should be completely hard. If you notice a weak spot, mix up a tablespoon or two of sugar water (remember more sugar than water) and saturate the weak spot. Let it dry over night.

The basket won’t sit flat.

Sit the basket on the table and take a tablespoon of water and pour it directly on the middle of the bottom of the basket. The spot should be small, just a little bigger than a half-dollar. Press down of the spot to flatten it so the basket can sit. Then pour sugar-water over that same spot so it will harden again. Keep it sitting and let it dry overnight.

Happy Easter!

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