I rarely drink water. Seriously, I’m lucky to get in 25oz a day. I know that’s apart of the reason I struggle with weight loss. I thought if I stopped drinking pop and juice that would make me drink more water. NOPE. I just end up taking a few swigs of water twice a day, I’m rarely thirsty.

I know many people struggle with the same problem. They set alarms, they carry a gallon of warm water with them throughout the day with time lines drawn on it and they buy cool looking water bottles. Anything to try to get water down.


I saw this today in one of my Facebook weight loss groups. It’s a little gadget that you put on your water bottle or cup. The Ulla. It reminds you to get drinking by glowing every 30 minutes. It doesn’t vibrate or makes sounds, just glows. If you’re a visual person like me then this might help you. They sold out of the first 50,000 so now they are offering a 20% preorder code, more should be coming soon.

We need to get as much water in for a plethora of health reasons. So do whatever you think might work to help you change your relationship with water for the better. Also, think about getting a S’Well bottle. I have a couple of these things and love them. They keep your cold liquids cold for 12 hours and the warm ones warm for 24 hours. Which is another reason I never drank water before, you pour a glass then it’s warm and gross 30 minutes later.


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Ulla Smart hydration reminder retails for $24. It’s a rather new product so I don’t think it’s in stores yet.



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