Oxygen Releasing Pads?!

I got this in my email with the subject "Oxygen Releasing Pads" a couple days ago and I was like "what the hell?!" It seems that TOM is launching the world's first oxygen releasing feminine...

Give Back & Get In Shape At The Same Time

On my quest to a healthier me I made of list of all the physical activities I wanted to do and all events I wanted to participate....etc. One of those is a walk/run that...

Ulla- The New Way To Force Water Down Your Throat

I rarely drink water. Seriously, I'm lucky to get in 25oz a day. I know that's apart of the reason I struggle with weight loss. I thought if I stopped drinking pop and juice...

3 Reasons Why I Love My Waterpik

I've been wanting a Waterpik since I saw the commercials months ago. Luckily I got one for Christmas. Flossing is so necessary and I honestly hate doing it. I had to spend $600 for...

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