I got this in my email with the subject “Oxygen Releasing Pads” a couple days ago and I was like “what the hell?!”

oxygen releasing pads

It seems that TOM is launching the world’s first oxygen releasing feminine pad. While reading the press release Tom mentioned that the pad is an outdated product. And well… I can’t disagree. The technology has really changed in the last decade or so.

The TOM pad produces a steady flow of pure oxygen and a breathable environment that protects women from bacteria, for a better experience during that time of the month. The pad helps keep the vagina fresh and the top layer of the pad dry so it won’t feel wet.

How Tom Compares

toms oxygen pads

See it in action.

Now I’m looking forward to trying it. You can learn more on TOMS Facebook page. If it truly lives up to the claims they might have a customer for life.

*Tom Oxygen Releasing Pads haven’t been released yet, they should be available in the next two weeks.*


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