So I go to make cupcakes for my mother….

I take out some icing I froze a couple of weeks ago…

I throw it in the food processor to rewhip it and add more butter…

It curdles.

buttercream curdled


Photo Nov 11, 10 28 41 PM

I cuss and cry. Why God, why me?

Photo Jan 24, 3 11 08 PM

I google.

I find out I must rewhip when all the ingredients are at room temp.

I’m sure it won’t work.

Photo Jun 02, 1 13 26 AM

I use a hair dryer to warm the bowl up while it runs.

curdled icing

It goes back to normal.

Photo May 08, 8 20 20 PM

I am happy.

Photo Dec 02, 8 12 56 AM

I learned something today. I hope you did too.


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